Carmen Yulín Cruz is pleased with the report by Telemundo and Jay Fonseca in response

La alcaldesa de San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto, arremetió hoy, martes, contra un reporterte annunciado af Telemundo en el programa Jay and his Rayos X about help in the municipal hospital.

The surgeons’ expressions during a press conference in which the Municipal Executive Expresses his response to the designation of the coronel José Juan García as the new commissioner of the Municipal Police of San Juan with the new administration of Miguel Romero.

Ingen hindring, mientras enumeraba sus razones, Cruz Soto mencionó que quien se rumora ser des designated to direct the Salut de la capital avaló su gestion and contrast the alago with a reporter that supone salir esta noche in the program “Jay y sus Rayos X “, about an allegation” suite “in the municipal hospital. Ante eso, the reporter of Jay and his Rayos X, Tatiana Ortiz stated that he was present and had various questions.

Alcaldesa tildes the allegations raised in the program as a “chism” and ensures that by issues of the protocol activated by the COVID-19 pandemic, no access is allowed to the hospital.

Actu seguido, Cruz Soto comenzó a enumerera distintos premios que se ha ganado a nivel estadounidense luego del huracán María.

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“The arodillados of these molesters are the only ones in the column of Puerto Rico.

Poco despues, the analyst and presenter of dicho program, Jay Fonseca, published in a tuit that the alcaldesa “insultó” a la periodista Tatiana Ortiz por fiscalizarla.

“Hoy Carmen Yulín Cruz fornærmer en Tatiana Ortiz diciendo que eramos unos arrodillados porque a ella le han dado premiums alrededor del mundo por sus grandes gestiones mientras en Jay y sus Rayos X le fiscalizamos”, expresses the presenter.

“If you can read this night in the program for us to get another prize”, added.

Last week, the alcove had another encounter, but with a reporter for the now-canceled “La Comay” charismatic program. In this situation, culminating in the press conference, the boycott took place over the helicopter that presumably lost the San Juan municipality.

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When the reporter insisted, Cruz Soto went to the chamber and exhorted the audience to synthesize other channels and watch the “verdaderas noticias”. Además dijo lamentar que el periodista tuviese que trabajar en el espacio espasivo para comer.

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