Canada convenes Marcelo Flores to join joya til México

City of Mexico /

Standing with Marcelo Flores! Arsenal’s joys who received 17 years and competed in inferior categories with the Mexican selection, received a copy of the Canadian Selection to present to the nearest training camps the tips of the year.

This Wednesday marks the list of Canadian summonses for practices to be conducted in Florida, United States, and here appears first the number of Mexican midfielder, who called the attention in England for its fantastic qualities including inclusion in a prestigious list of the 60 months promesas del futbol mundial.

His 11 players received his first call with Canada and 18 of the 28 deaths reported since 1997, as the case of the Mexican, is that the combination of the Hoja de Maple also thought of it for the Preolímpico de Concacaf en jugarse en marzo.

Marcelo Flores can not play in Mexico?

It is important to sign that in case of that Marcelo Flores to present and train with Canada, no significant que deje de ser elegible para Mexico, you can only play an official party with some representative (which also has to be English), it is free to choose the Selection and what it represents.

In his family he has two German footballers, Silvana and Tatiana, the second of England’s selection and including captain, while the first game for Chelsea.