Burger King offers social and apoya restaurants in Mexican restaurants

City of Mexico /

Debt to the crisis that provoked the pandemic of coronavirus and el sector restaurant, burger King offer its social networks to promote restaurants that it has economic benefits. Dicho gesto fue dado a conocer en la redes sociales de la empresa de origen estadounidense.

As part of posting the message on Instagram, is dedicated to submitting images of other platelets of independent restaurants to promote and treat a little the sales of these houses.

burger King launched the next message on its account, showing the support of Mexican restaurants in this complicated moment that is awaiting the pandemic of coronavirus.


“There are also the famous Tortas Ahogadas de Guadalajara, El Rey del Cabrito, la Barbacoa de Santiago, las Carnitas de El Venadito, Tacos del Borrego Viudo, El Jarocho, el emblemático taco de camarón de Fishers etc … El punto es que hø manyos platillos de miles de restaurants que merecen ser tan famosos como la Whopper®

“And as we know that independent restaurants need all our support, we decide to share our burgers and make sure our Instagram is available for all of our restaurants.

“Amig @ s de la industria: If you want to share on this starboard, please, have your publication with the #PideLocal and we will share it with everyone the Reino de BK on Instagram ”, terning the text.