Boruelua Miguel Cardona, hailed by his design on Federal Education: “Public education is the greatest social level”

Washington DC – Presented as a candidate for the Secretariat of Education of the United States, the Puerto Rican Miguel Cardona reconciles with the issues that affect the education of the coronavirus pandemic and destabilization in the public school as “the great social level”.

“Although we are expecting to see some light on the final of the tunnel, we also know that this crisis is ongoing, that we are dealing with its impact over the years and the problems and disabilities that plagued our educational system from many years ago.” standing with us including when the virus had ravaged the raya ”, dijo Cardona, actually commissioner for the Education of the State of Connecticut, who is the electing president, Joe Biden, describes how “The Secretary of Education for the moment”.

Cardona, Biden’s destination, does not only accept that every student of his or her state has computerized and connected to the Internet in order to receive education through the remote life, so that the reading process can lead to a safe repertoire of Connecticut public schools.

Biden has approached the stadium compromises to use mascarillas and promote the repertoire of the Mayor of Public Schools during the first 100 days of his term, which begins on January 20.

“Recovering the Schools of Welfare will be a National Priority in the Biden-Harris Administration. The principles of the year that came, presented to the Congress our plan for what comes in continuation. This includes funds to support educators in the workforce as they hiccup during the recovery period that will save 400,000 educational staff. And include in Congress that the necessary funds be proportioned so that we can have an ambitious goal to achieve: open the way for the Mayor of schools to the final of our first 100 days, ”he said.

To be confirmed, Cardona, 45 years old and Doctor of Education, will be the second Secretary of Education of the United States of Puerto Rican origin. The first was John King, who was a Puerto Rican mother and was named by President Barack Obama’s entourage. King published a message of support in Cardona.

Nacido en Meriden, Connecticut, los Padona de Cardona -Héctor y Sara Cardona-, søn naturales de Aguada, Puerto Rico. In his message, he also mentions his friends, who traced him to his family in Connecticut, and said that “being bilingual and bicultural, he is a staunch supporter like the ‘pie’ of manzana and the arrow with habichuelas”.

The Cardona Commissioner initiated his career as Master of Degrees. For the past 28 years, he has been the main youth coach of the state. In 2012, Connecticut’s principal year was selected.

Cardona sostuvo that in the midst of the crisis that has caused the coronavirus pandemic, it is time to open new opportunities y “Build something better than what we have.” “No need to pandemic a pandemic for our demos to affect the importance of the masters in this country”, dijo.

“I do not intend to attend the public schools of my people, Meriden, Connecticut,” said Cardona, referring to the creation of a community of public life and, of course, in its efforts to curb “the importance of strong work, service.” the community and education ”.

To talk about the nets that will be found as Secretary of Education, Cardona indicates in Spanish that “There is a force in the union”.

Biden confirms promesas

In its message, Biden reaffirmed its promise to increase the salaries of masters, forfeit $ 10,000 of student loans and provide free matriculation to undergraduate and graduate public college students with less than $ 125,000.

Biden also announced its intention to name Cardona as the United States Education Secretariat.

In Miguel Cardona, the United States will train an experienced public schoolteacher dedicated to the vanguard in the Department of Education, ensuring that every student is equipped to prosper in the economy of the future, that every educator has the resources he needs to do his job with dignity and success, and that every student is prepared to recover in a safe way, ”indicates Biden, who will sign that Cardona is “brilliant, qualified and tried”.

For his part, the Vice President of Election, Kamala Harris, stated that the Boric educator “is not only an experienced public servant, but also a former public school teacher and administrator who states that our students, masters and teachers are necessary for ten.

“It is a historic selection,” commented, on his part, the Democratic Puerto Rican congress Nydia Velázquez (New York), saying that Cardona agreed to respond to the needs of schools in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and represent against secretaria, Betsy DeVos.

Boricua Cardona seria el tercer hispano seleccionado af Biden para su gabinete. The others of the son Xavier Becerra, who will be the secretary of Salud, and Alejandro Mayorkas, who Biden selected for the secretarial of Internal Security.

King’s secretary says that Cardona’s English learning experience comes at school and has been the first of its kind in the university, “it inspires and reflects the experiences experienced by many students”.

The actual Connecticut Education Commissioner has supported the Caucus Hispano of Congress, the Power4PuertoRico coalition and the Hispanic Federation, among other groups.

A few days ago, the Connecticut governor announced that as of the 2021-2022 school year, his public education system will begin offering an elective course to secondary school students on African, black, Latino, and Puerto Rican studies.