Ayurveda: All that you have to say about this alternative medicine

We know that since time immemorial he has been interested in discovering how to live more and better. However, millennial cultures have developed methods that, if they have many antiquities, only have some knowledge about them, medicine ayurveda is an example of this.

Recovering from alternative medicine, like ayurvedic medicine, can be the solution to many of your health problems. In continuation, we will explain everything that you know about this philosophy of life and, above all, you can benefit from it on the physical and mental levels.

What does this millennium medicine consist of?

La ayurveda como alternative medicine is a conjunction of millennial practices originating from India more than 5000 years old. And is intended for many as a system constituted by hábitos various indigenous practices that are proposed by the bienestar of the people.

Medicinal ayurveda

Ayurvedic medicine can help prevent illness. Source: Pexels

A well-established base in the body balance, mind and emotions. In this sense, any person can conceive and follow prescient dichos, if they want to maintain their stable health (in prevention mode) or as a form of attacking children.

Fundamental pillars of Ayurveda

The main columns of Ayurveda are based on the following routines:


While this philosophy of life does not prohibit any diet, it should also be noted that in reality eating out to live in order to subsist is not the ideal option.

For that one vegetarian diet is the best iria with it o, in its defect, to empower the poor reduce the consumption of animal proteins. Equal form, as in many aspects of life, calls attention to avoid excesses and always aboil the balance.

On the other hand, it is important to note that people are aware of digestions, and that many are unbalanced in this aspect as a consequence of illness.


El hecho de owner quotes regularly you can only maintain your active and active body, so you can also help yourself to your mind. The most recommended activity among this alternative medicine is the yoga.

First, because it does not import the eda to achieve, and secondly, because it cooperates in flexibility and concentration. Además, meditation contemplate the yoga routines that contribute to restoring mental tranquility.

Medicinal ayurveda

Yoga practice is common in Ayurvedic medicine. Source: Pexels

The power of thought

The negative thoughts can be generators of anguish, depression, anxiety and preoccupations. Por tanto, it’s indispensable focus on positive elements and dedicate at least one hour to the day a meditate and reflect on the bonds of existence.


All slides have cells that mueren and others that are naked in your body. Consequently, the baths o duchas to maintain the balance of the body and the general health. Can approve the moment to relay mass and use essential oils.

The three “doshas”

The ayurvedic saber maintains that the organism is conformed, in mayor to the minor, by three basic elements: vata, pitta y kapha. Convince some of their predominant ones when it comes to the need to recover the nutrients from those that can cause a greater loss.

Vata is the element air, pitta representa el fuego, while the element water corresponds with kapha. The ideal is that the three are in harmony.

A diet for each

If you are delgada physical constitution, you are moving, you are enthusiastic, imaginative y con cambios repentinos de animos o caracter, te consideran vata. Foods that are better than those that are very well cocinados and moderately condimentados, sobre todo con tomillo og coriander.

Medicinal ayurveda

The healthy diet is one of the pillars of this practice. Source: Pixabay

Ingen tendrías problem in consuming carnes like the del pollo, fescado o pavo, as well as any dairy product. También resultan muy nutritivas las fruit in general, in particular the bananas and oranges.

In addition, a person regularly has a median physical complexion. De piel pálida y muchas veces pecosa. His character is even more irritating, although it is distaca for his jobs.

The foods indicated for the pitta deben are slightly condensed and are preferably free, with golden qualities or sweetness. As examples detach the peras o manzanas, broccoli, garbanzos and different types of oils, such as olive or gyrosol.

Ultimately, the supra captains have a strong corporate constitution, albeit with a propensity for obesity. Inside his sober character the hecho of that son individuals tranquilos, a little relajados. The type of food to eat for the cape is green.

Its recommended foods like broccoli, la lechuga y berenjenas. Asimismo, the legumes, especially the ones lentejas son de gran aporte, y algunas raíces como el ginger.

Medicinal ayurveda

Ayurvedic medicine is a form of living. Source: Pexels

The diet for kappa people is based on the fact that the foods are lean, condimented and healthy. This type of person should also be mentioned avoid the lactose of any type and reduce to a minimum the room.

The medicine ayurveda more than one medicine is one philosophy of life that always seeks to benefit people from the balance of body, mind and emotions. As well as that, I propose to follow healthy eating habits and learn more about the “doshas”.

This way we will recognize the predominant element in your organism and, in this form, identify the nutrients that bring about the best effects. By the way, this millennial sabiduria invites you to have no days to feel in harmony contigo and the demas.