Autopsy determines that Diego Maradona suffers a agony of between six and eight hours | Fútbol Internacional | Deported

The official informant about the death of the Argentine legend Diego Armando Maradona has determined that no alcohol or drugs were found in the body of the football player who passed away on November 25th. Without embarrassment, psychopharmaceuticals such as “venlafaxine, quetiapine, levetiracetam and naltrexona” are found, according to research findings.

Among the most important dates he has revealed the peritos is the one that ensures that no death is committed and that the agony in the bed that descansaba can be prolonged between six and eight hours.

The autopsy determined that the execution of the world champion selection in Mexico in 1986 was a consequence of an “edema secondary pulmonary edema with chronic cardiac failure reacting” and describing in its coronation a “dilated myocardiopathy”.

This information will be determinative in the criminal case as a result of the allegations made by the lawyer Matías Morla which indicates a medical negligence. Rejects the hypothesis of a dispute over the framed of the Maradona health.

“It’s so important that the appearance as the surgeon of these laboratory analyzes, that a simple vista confirms that in Maradona the psychoanalytic daban for no medicine for his cardiopathy”, said the agency Télam one of the legal investigators of the cause.

Medicine sources referring to the expedient explain a Télam that venlafaxine is an antidepressant drug that is used to treat anxiety disorders; quetiapina is an antispicotic drug also used for severe depression and some addictions; and levetiracetam is an antiepileptic drug that acts on the central nervous system and can produce somnolence and diminution of reaction capacity.

The naltrexone blocks the effect of the opaque drugs and is used to prevent abstinence from alcohol.

Días after the bankruptcy of Pelusa, the judicial inquiry into homicide blamed on Dr. Leopoldo Luque, who performed the operation earlier in the day.

Otra of the protagonists impute and declare in the aborted cause, see the encirclement of Diego’s care in the home where the life is lost. Gisela Madrid, represented by the lawyer Rodolfo Baqué, will tell you about these days and the problems you have to do in your job. (D)