Attributes to the vista, Kim Kardashian poses to promote her brand

Kim Kardashian West’s celebrity celebrity, no matter what, when it comes to multimillion-dollar business deals, as well as following in the footsteps of her minor men, she has been able to create an algae business that many great and famous families , and posteriorly, an inter1or rope line was added.

At a rotating exit in the sale, Kim decided to create more than just textile lines with his clientele and claro, to respond to all his respective needs, by the way, some months after having launched the first line, the Empresaria se jacto de sacar al mercado “Smooth Essentials”.

This new collection by Kim Kardashian proposes solutions for sculpting, saving and improving the silhouette, also known as “Solution clothing” take steps to solve, the skills are completely designed to sculpt, deliver and improve without problems the natural form of the body, without the need to resort to the rules with the citizens.

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“A selection of four essential silhouettes of the int3rior rope in a lightweight and seductive tehiere that adheres and molds to the body, burning an elastic support and a smooth and invisible finish in five tonal tones”, he said.

As a matter of fact, as much as it is to be hoped for on the part of the usual model and roster of its own creations, Kim poses eloquently with the finality of attention and generates more sales, then as many users in internet mention with regularity: “if Kim Kardashian lo usa, yo lo quiero ”.


In the promotional entertainment section, which the influencer showed off in his official Instagram account, Kim read the “Smooth Essentials Tank” and other promotional publications, the “Smooth Essentials Cheeky Brief”, both articles come in one of the five colors that from the beige, also called Ocre, Sienna, the color is used by the black tones, Jasper and Cocoa, which are black, Onyx.

With a position to be empowered, in cucumbers in which it appears to be a desert landscape, Kim lures the attenuation in black color, conformed to a body suit and one panties of the same color, the figure, as she presumed, light and very comfortable, as well as different, the joint log for the whole time on the comet, it is the result of the delicate silhouette of sociality and stylization as well.

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As well as showing off many of his physical attributes, with those who have all their admired admirers auntie belleza, and we can only mention the traitor and Kim3’s miraculous doctor, with whom he has his admired followers.

In this way, the most famous of the Kardashian demonstrates that its textile line in reality is a collection of adjustable style that appears a second layer, you can really see very comfortable posing with its creations.

The new proposition of the int3rior rope is basically an in1ior invisible rope, but only adjusts to the distinct types and tones of skin, so that it also has a seductive and unobtrusive grip, ideal for not having brands after users.

Without embarrassment, moreover, it is thought to be sacred to the figure of any type of woman, then it is available in so many cases that it is not easy to find, even though it is always with the certainty that it is possible to sculpt your body to more pure style of the Kardashian hermanas.