At the point of collapsing the Israeli government

Jerusalem – Israel wants to monitor its election in two years. The governing divide offers a median space to approve a presupposition. On the contrary, it will automatically collapse and delay elections until March.

The prospect of a new election appears to be a low-profile one for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose 11-year-old governing body has been reportedly accused by a trio of dissidents from a rival party, a corruption scandal and the crisis.

His collaborators share his long-standing ideology and between them sovereignly a popular lawmaker who recently parted ways with the Prime Minister’s Likud party. If Netanyahu can defend his rivals or no, it is certain that the country will be led by a right-wing politician who is willing to grant concessions to the Palestinians, which complicates the hopes of the incumbent governing president Joe Biden. resume paz conversations.

The prevailing collapse of the governing body also marks the end of the Minister of Defense’s political career letter, Benny Gantz, whose popularity has plummeted.

The perspectives of the center of Israel’s center block appear to be that in previous contests because its leader, Gantz, created an alliance with Netanyahu that is now demoralizing. Gantz loses the support of a large part of his base and the block is without a ladder.

Netanyahu and Gantz formed their coalition in Mayo, after losing three consecutive elections to a dead end.

The immediate cause of the March collapse is the failure to approve a presumption before the medianche. It is certain that Parliament will automatically convene and convene new elections at the end of March.

But the hecko actually reflects the phrase of a plagued hostility and mutiny association of the principle. During these months, Gantz has maintained a series of humiliations and has maintained a margin for key decisions, as well as a series of diplomatic agreements negotiated by the United States with Arab countries.

Netanyahu has accused the Gantz Blue and White Party of acting as an “opposition within the government”.