Asi quedó the table of positions in the League of Spain in the top triumph of Real Madrid – Diez

Líderes navideños, Real Madrid sigue en buena racha og venció este mercoles al Granada og el estadio Alfredo Di Stéfano por la Liga de España.

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The first goal of the match was Carlos Casemiro’s goal of a great pass from Marco Asensio, who played a match and will recover his level. Benzema’s second leg, which looks dull and illegitimate on its octave goal in LaLiga.

Zidane’s, with the victory, reached 32 points, with the same amount as the Athletic, both share the leadership of the Spanish league.

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Los colchoneros solo søn líderes absolutos por su good difference of goals (+21) with respect to what Real Madrid (+12) has.

Cabe points out that both have tenant parties, Athletic dos and the joint merengue one. These duels can change everything in the classification.


Barcelona won the triumph on March in their visit to Valladolid 0-3 with a good performance from their captain and referee Lionel Messi.

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With this victory, the team scored 24 points and four goals against Atlético and Real Madrid. Koeman’s also need to get rid of those who can recover land.

Here is the table of positions in Spain

Next Jornada
March 29 December
-Sevilla vs Villarreal
-Barcelona vs Eibar
-Levantes vs Betis
-Cádiz vs Valladolid

Weddings 30 December
-Granada vs Valencia
-Atletico vs Getafe
-Celta vs Huesca
-Elche vs Real Madrid

Jueves 31 December
-Atletic vs Real Sociedad
-Osasusa vs Alavés