Armando Manzanero was intubated during his hospitalization by COVID-19 | Mexico

Armando Manzanero continues to fight against COVID-19. In the last days since December 15, when he was hospitalized in Mexico, his family has been updating on his health status. Although unstable, the Mexican singer agreed with be intubated for their immediate recovery.

Recently, we would like to Manzanero informs that the Grammy winner has presented signals of “a state of optimistic health”. By decision, it was intubated with the goal of overcoming major defenses that provoked complications in its pulses at one inception.

“The oxygen concentration of the respiratory device has been shown to be lower in minor amounts in recent months, then its pulses each are better oxygenated by each other”, Indicaron about the information provided by the medical staff that is valid for 85 years.


Agree with the statements of his relatives, Armando Manzanero has no grave pesar de que los reports de su internamiento dieron un buen susto a sus seguidores. His daughters reveal that they will find good people, while they will his wife Laura Elena Villa However, all indications of the medicines to be taken to home are obedient.

Ya quiero salir de aquí”, Dijo el músico de acuerdo al diario El Universal of Mexico. And make sure you find out “well and with the energy to keep working“Although no one continues to fight against the virus being a risky patient, a review has been completed for 85 years.

Health is OK, but you have to be hospitalized all because we insure that it is all right, we say that everything goes through this process “, added his partner. “And animations, then, are not to the liking of hospitals. I say ‘I’m doing it the most, I’m doing everything to be with you, I’m doing everything to get there soon’ ‘.

The reconstituted master Armando Manzanero was hospitalized since December 17 by COVID-19 synthesis forces, in case of intention bekæmpelse af el-virus desde el confinamiento en casa. For this reason, his family transferred him to a hospital to be able to receive a more rigorous treatment before the illness.


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