Apple planea produces a vehicle autonomo da 2024

    The logo of Apple Inc. on the entry of a company auction at 5th Avenue, New York, EU (REUTERS / Mike Segar)
The logo of Apple Inc. at the entrance of a company’s auction on 5th Avenue, in New York, EEUU (REUTERS / Mike Segar)

Apple plans to produce an autonomous vehicle by 2024, according to information Reuters. The company is working to produce a passenger car that will include its own proprietary technology in the battery development.

This IT giant’s initiative to produce its own autochthonous proposal is known as the Titan Project and has been in existence since 2014, although it has been known in great detail.

Apple has been working on automotive technology since 2014, to reduce its ambitions to develop and drive vehicles in 2017, according to information Bloomberg . Since then, Apple has been working on its self-supporting autonomous system.

At present, Apple abandoned its core development and software and revalued objects. Doug Field, who worked for Tesla, regrouped with the company to oversee the project in 2018 and sent 190 team members one year later.

Of these, Apple progressed it enough to log in as objectively build a vehicle for consumers, there will be people familiar with this project, who will not be identified because of the plans in their public.

In principle, Apple entrusted control of its automotive project to John Giannandrea, the company’s Director of Artificial Intelligence, he said. The edge.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, Duration of iPhone 11 and Cupertino, California, September 10, 2019 (REUTERS / Stephen Lam)
Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, Duration of iPhone 11 and Cupertino, California, September 10, 2019 (REUTERS / Stephen Lam)

Apple’s objective to manufacture vehicles for the massive market contrasts with rivals such as Waymo of Alphabet, which has built robotic taxis to transport passengers for a car service.

A key element of Apple’s strategy is a new design of batteries that could reduce “costly” costs and increase the autonomy of the vehicle, indicating a person who lives the designs. The company is not commenting on its plans or future products.

Manufacture a vehicle representing a challenge in the summit chain including for Apple, a company with a lot of money that makes tens of millions of electronic products every year with pieces of the world, but never produced a car. Tesla, the company of Elon Musk, arrived 17 years ago when it was finally converted into profitable cars.

“If there is a company on the planet that has the resources to do this, it’s probably Apple. But at the same time, there is no cell phone, ”said a person working in the Titan Project.

Apple is listening to external societies to obtain elements of the system, including sensors Lidar that allow autonomous cars to have a three-dimensional vision of the world and real time. In fact, Apple is also developing its own Lidar technology.

It is not clear who assembled a car from the murdered manzana, but the sources mentioned by Reuters show that the company is associated with another company to build vehicles.

In fact, two people familiar with Apple’s plans have warned that the repercussions of the pandemic could lead to more widespread production in 2025 or more.

Amazon Zoox Autonomous Vehicle
Amazon Zoox Autonomous Vehicle

Amazon Zoox

Cabe signals that the industry of autonomous vehicles is growing and bringing new players together. A few days ago, Amazon presented its first taxi robot or “robotaxi”, it was a vehicle without a guide to transport passengers. It was a Zoox crash, a startup of autonomous vehicles that Jeff Bezos acquired in June of this year.

The car is electric and has space for up to four passengers. Intet hø ass asiento de leder, ni volante porque es 100% autonomo. According to the company, this system ensures autonomous traffic in densely populated urban centers. Todavía did not announce the exact date that Zoox will start providing passenger services.

(With information from Reuters and Bloomberg)


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