Apple is starting to send hacker-friendly iPhones to security experts

Security experts participating in Apple’s Security Research Device (SRD) program may soon receive their hacker – friendly iPhones. According to MacRumors, the tech giant has announced the first batch of contestants that their SRD phones will be sent out immediately. iPhones for the app behave like their default counterparts, but they give security researchers more access so participants can run the tools they need to find vulnerabilities.

Apple first announced the app in July “to help improve the security of all iOS users.” Researchers are allowed to keep the SRD phones they receive delivered for 12 months, but it is on an ongoing basis if they want to continue participating when the year is up. They are required to report any vulnerability they find, test, or validate on the research device to Apple or the developer if the error is in a third-party code. That said, participants can still participate in Apple’s bug bounty program, which has payouts reaching $ 1 million. They can use their research equipment to identify bugs and send them to the bounty.