Antarctica has been released from covid-19 free territory

(CNN) – The continent of Antarctica registers its first cases of covid-19, of which 36 people are positive on a research basis, according to a statement issued by the Chancellor of Chile.

The Bernardo O’Higgins Riquelme (BAE) station, a Chilean military base in Antarctica, confirmed that 26 Ejército operatives and 10 civilians working as contractors at the positive Dieron base were dominoes.

The Ejército de Chile has announced that it has reached an “unconditional compromise to salvage the health of its members”.

The staff of the investigation base have been and are “constantly monitored with the support of the Sanitary Authority of the Region of Magallanes and Antarctica Chilena, currently having a favorable diagnosis and no complications associated with covid-19 by our staff”, aggregate the communicated.

Hasta el martes, Chile has recorded a total amount of 589,189 cases of coronavirus and 16,217 muertes, a ministerio de Salud de Chile.