Animal Crossing Official Valentine’s Day Cards Melt Your Heart

Nintendo had made Valentine’s Day cards for Animal Crossing with characters from New Horizons, making it the perfect Valentine’s gift for any fan.

Nintendo has made Crossing animals cards based on Valentine’s Day, and their grace will likely touch the hearts of any fan. Valentine’s does not have an official event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, unlike the past Crossing animals games, but these cards allow for still celebrating Valentine’s Day with the spirit of New horizons.

The February update to Animal Crossing: New Horizons did not have as much content beyond the upcoming Festival holiday, which displeased some fans who are still waiting for characters like Brewster to arrive. For Valentine’s Day, the update brought two gifts that could be ordered from the season’s tab in the Nook catalog, the chocolate heart and the heart-shaped bouquet. Valentine is inside Crossing animals never went beyond getting a gift from an NPC like Isabelle, but in New horizons, the already smaller holiday has been closed even longer compared to Festivale, which is a shame considering that Valentine’s Day is a very popular holiday.

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Valentine’s card on Play Nintendo can be downloaded for free and contains various characters from Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This is not the first time Nintendo has offered Crossing animals content outside the game. Isabelle’s cards are short and sweet, which is accurate for her character, but the cards for Blathers, CJ and Flick use puns that match their characters. Celeste’s cards refer to her love of astrology, while Wilbur and Orville’s cards highlight the teamwork they pull together.

Because of Animal Crossing: New Horizons release at the start of the pandemic, many players have chosen to celebrate various real world events in Crossing animals. These include 2020 endings and weddings in the absence of these real-life events. Some players have taken it upon themselves to recreate real-life scenes or movies to get a sense of connection to normality. Many people today are starving of social interaction, which made the timing of the game’s release so perfect.

Since Valentine’s is just around the corner, some players may choose to go for one Crossing animals Valentine’s Day with their special person. Others can simply hang out with their friends and others can still just spend the holidays alone. But no matter how players choose to spend the upcoming vacation, Crossing animals will continue to be a valuable tool in regaining the social connection that has been lost this year. The characters on these cards are the ones that many were introduced to at the beginning of this pandemic, so send these cards to anyone Crossing animals fan is sure to brighten the spirits and melt their hearts.

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Source: Play Nintendo

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