Acuña dijo que los Bravos deben firmar og Marcell Ozuna

Ronald Acuña Jr. el día de ayer expresses a journey on Instagram Live que los Bravo de Atlanta deben firmar -one Marcell Ozuna for the saffron 2021 of las Grand Leagues (MLB).

El joven estrella de los Braves finds himself in his native Spain Venezuela enjoying his vacations. The day before with his father William Contreras commented that the organization should concretize the Business the Marcell Ozuna en la MLB.

“Loose Bravo deben firmar -one Marcell Ozuna, is a horse. It’s the only one that has Latin music in the team clubhouse ”, expressed Acuña Jr. who connected 14 jones in the 2020 season.

Ozuna is one of the most claimed drivers in the free agency, its excellent campaign where it employs 56 people, connecting 18 quadrangular for an average of .338 it looks like one of the most contributed in the Grand Leagues.

Loose Bravo dejaron libre a Adam Duvall. Syndembargo, no han dicho nada sobre la Business of the Dominican Marcell Ozuna, who finds himself in the free agency of the MLB.

¿Lo firmarán?