A year of 9 years is the ‘youtuber’ best paid worldwide with 29.5 million dollars in 2020

Apart from its videos, Ryan Kaji has millions of other millionaire sources, such as his own line of ‘merchandising’ and a series on the Nickelodeon channel.

Ryan Kaji’s estadounidense, 9 years old, made ‘youtuber’ best paid this year 29.5 million dollars from June 2019 to June 2020, following the Forbes review. Kaji captured the ‘ranking’ by the third consecutive year.

The ninth YouTube channel has more than 27.7 million followers and accumulates more than 12.2 million views. The content of his videos turns into the connoisseur of the comedy as ‘unboxing’, in which undefeated juxtapositions and values, apart from other videos with infant activities.

In addition to YouTube, Ryan, with the help of his parents, log diversify its sources of ingress. Well, the blogger has his own account merchandising line, which includes a large set of articles, from jute toys to toothpaste. The commercialization of these products is reported to be worth $ 200 million by the end of its YouTube videos. At the same time, the little one has a series called ‘Ryan’s Mystery Playdate’ (The Mysterious Game of Ryan), which is broadcast on Nickelodeon’s infantile television channel.

A nine-year-old rose enters the list of 'youtubers' best paid by the second year in a row

Mientras, los diez ‘youtubers’ mejor pagados de la list de Forbes acumularon un total de 211 million dollars in cash of the period before mentioned, the one who sucks a jump of 30% in comparison with the previous year. The perpetrators of the pandemic have incited this increment of weeds, which we already have many people who are confined to their homes and a large part of them recurrence is this type of content to maintain its houses.